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Big Speaker Grill Cloth

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Chameleon™ Acoustical Grill Cloth in Large and Small Sizes

One fabric solution unleashes your creativity because of its textural, special effects both visual and auditory for speaker systems or organ grilles.

  • Acoustically Translucent & Aesthetic
  • Large- Wide enough for entire walls! Wider that 15 feet. Not just 36 or 72 inches.
  • Custom Colors-14 standard colors. Custom colors are possible (additional charge).
  • Custom Print Available-You can have your own design printed.
  • Projection Capable Grill Cloth- Create dynamic visual surfaces--that are still acoustically translucent grill cloth.
  • The 'Sound' Science Behind Chameleon™ Grill Cloth

    • All the sound you deserve:   Chameleon™ Grill Cloth has an extremely low amount of transmission loss which means a high transmission coefficient. The reason for this is its extremely low mass resulting in very little acoustic power lost in the medium.
    • Very little sound reflection:   Due to its low mass and fine structure, to a sound wave our grill cloth looks like near air. Reflections occur in proportion to the difference of the medium from air. Thus optically it might have one appearance but acoustically it’s nearly transparent.
    • Very little 'coloration' of sound:  Due to the above properties which exist uniformly across the audio frequency range, there is no strange cancellation or resonance conditions that exist to “color” the sound.

    Organ grill cloth replacement
    Project by Messrs. Czelusniak et Dugal, Inc
    Organ grill fabric is being replaced in this in-progress picture. The blue is custom dyed Chameleon™.

    Band scrim printed for an event.
    ©Brock Hogan, 2007 used with permission
    20 foot Band scrim used as a background and printed with event themed picture. Visually opaque, acoustically translucent.

Order Online Below or
Call from a Landline 1-800-359-2964 or a Cell/Mobile: 1-812-579-5063

We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
 Order Small Sizes

Height Feet
Height is measured from floor to ceiling.

Width Feet
Width is measured from left to right.


Flame Retardant

Prices start at only $10

By pressing this button and ordering, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understand the important flame retardant information in the FAQ page

 Order Just The Material in 15' 8" Widths
Unfinished, colored Chameleon™
15'8" Wide Chameleon™ Material Priced Per Yard (unfinished, no seams)
$41/yard      On Sale! $ 39.15/yard
Flame Retardant (adds $8/yd)

Number of Yards

 Order Fully Finished
Custom Finished Chameleon™ scrim

Custom Size and Finishing Chameleon™ 

Height Feet
Height is measured from floor to ceiling.
Width Feet
Width is measured from left to right.

Two finishes are offered for online ordering. Other finishes are available by ordering over the phone.
Flame Retardant

Prices do not include shipping costs. All prices subject to final company review before honoring by order fulfillment.
Because the natural width of Chameleon ™ is 15' 8", if 15 feet is selected for height the actual height dimension will be 15'4". If 15 foot is selected for width the actual width will be 15'8".

It is possible to order larger scrims or more exact sizes than shown. For these and other questions, please call 1-800-359-2964 (in USA & Canada) or 1-812-579-5063 (outside USA & Canada)