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Do you have questions? Lot´s of people have asked us some good questions. Here are our answers:
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How big can we print? Chameleon™ can print very large: 16 foot by 50 foot is possible. But smaller is possible too. Many band customers print severla 10 foot by 15 foot.

Is Chameleon™ hard to handle on a field? Chameleon™ is extraordinarily lightweight and easy to handle because --unlike other scrims--it doesn't stretch.

Is Chameleon™ tough? Scrims are not tough, but of the scrims Chameleon ™ is the toughest.

What about sound transmission loss? Chameleon™ Grill Cloth has an extremely low amount of transmission loss which means a high transmission coefficient. The reason for this is its extremely low mass resulting in very little acoustic power lost in the medium.

What about sound reflection? Due to its low mass and fine structure, to a sound wave our grill cloth looks like near air. Reflections occur in proportion to the difference of the medium from air. Thus optically it might have one appearance but acoustically it’s nearly transparent.

What about ´coloration´ of sound? Due to the above properties which exist uniformly across the audio frequency range, there is no strange cancellation or resonance conditions that exist to "color" the sound.

Can they be printed? Yes. And its easier and more economical than people think! To read more about printing.

Can they be painted? Yes. Paint with a dye style, but use a dilute acrylic paint (because it adds a small amount of binder). To read more about painting.

What about projecting on scrim? Chameleon™ is an excellant front and rear projection surface. To read more about projecting on scrims.

Do they hour-glass? No. Hourglassing is something specific to woven fabrics. When stretched a woven fabric gets narrow in the center. (Like pulling a turleneck sweater over your head--its tight. On stage a sharkstooth scrim is hung and is narrower in the middle. On stage Chameleon™ is still the same shape.

Do two or more have a moiré effect? No. A moiré effect is basically an interferance pattern that forms when two fabrics with similar weaves are placed on in front of the other. Since Chameleon™ is spunbonded, a moiré effect is not possible.

How to I get a scrim larger than 15´? We suggest you use panels. If you must have a larger piece, try vertically seaming with tape, which produces a very nice non-seam (not weight bearing). The tape we use is placed on the back, and is non reflective and transparent.

Can it be flametreated? Flametreat to industry standards with an application of Rosco Flamex S-33 ( for synthetics). We can treat before shipment.

Is this material woven? No, this is a spunbonded fabric, which gives this scrim several advantages. You can razor cut the material without it running like a stocking. Chameleon™ doesn't need heavy side seams. Chameleon™ can't hourglass (narrow in the center when stretched--in fact its not stretchy at all.

How can I get rid of wrinkles? IF the scrim has been folded in a box, get a partner to help you ´reverse fold´ it...simply fold it exactly opposite. If a fold went inward, fold it outward. Then hang the scrim up and weight it to let most of the wrinkles fall out overnight. Steaming is possible if the steamer is held 3" or more from the cloth. Ironing on low synthetic settings is possible with StudioCloth™, but only very low synthetic settings are recommended for with Chameleon™. Test the edge carefully before testing a visible area.

What sort of effects can I get? Chameleon™ can be lit to be opaque (not-see through) or translucent (see through. Objects look slightly diffused and glow when revealed behind the cloth (lit from behind the cloth as well). The effect is similar to a ´halo´. Projection is possible--both front projection and rear projection. Shadows and silhouettes can also be projected. To read more about other effects.

What colors are available? Both StudioCloth™ and Chameleon™ are available in standard colors, and our hot colors. Standard colors are: Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Pearl Grey, Dark Brown, Sky Blue, and Tan. The "Hot" colors are: Off White, Royal Blue, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Kelly Green, Bright Orange, Lavendar, and Pink. Please see colors offered.

Are custom colors available? Yes, with some time constraints. Call for details.

What colors are best? All of them (depends on you). Off White is the most popular standard color followed by Pearl Grey; Royal Blue is the most popular "Hot" color. Pearl Grey is probably the most versatile.

Is there a cost difference? Both materials cost approximately the same per square foot. Size and finishing makes the difference.

Are custom sizes available? Yes, call 1(800) 359-2964 in the US, or 1(812)579-5063.

Can Chameleon™ be ordered outside the US? Yes, call 1(812) 579-5063.

Is Chameleon™ a scrim? This isn´t your ordinary sharkstooth. This is a non-woven fabric, that is translucent. Its a better projection surface than ordinary scrim and is easier to light than ordinary sharkstooth scrim. To read more about other types of scrim.

Is Chameleon™ transparent? No, a Chameleon™ scrim is translucent not transparent. People revealed behind it look slightly diffused and glow--like they have a ´halo´ making this very suggestive of spiritual effects and separation of time and space.

Can you use these cloths opaquely? Yes, just front light them as you would any scrim to make it opaque. No scrim is easy to make opaque, but Chameleon™ is far easier to make opaque than sharkstooth scrim. To read more about lighting scrims.

What are Scrim Effects? The most common scrim effect is the ´reveal effect´. There are basically two states of a scrim:

1. The scrim is lit from the front (audience side) and it become opaque so it looks like a solid color screen—the color is any color of light you shine on it.

Results?The subject will not be seen……the scrim will look like a “sky” if you use a blue scrim, or any color scrim with blue gelled lights.

2. The scrim has no light from the front (the audience), and some subject is behind the scrim and strong light falls on the subject. This typically would be a spotlight on the angel.

Results?The subject will now be seens with a glow around him. This is similar to the glow around the children on the carousel in the picture in the set design gallery, so take a look at that.

The very simple rule is light what you want to be seen. Light something you want seen behind a scrim and it shows, don’t light it (light the scrim itself instead) and it doesn’t show. To make this all work, you need control of your lighting both in front of the scrim and behind –which is dicey if you are outdoors.

There are other effects, like shadow screens and projections. This scrim can even be walked through for a 'secret entrance'.

To read more about other effects.

How is our scrim different from other scrims like sharkstooth?

Our products can be used instead of sharkstooth scrim, or with sharkstooth scrims. The effects achieved are slightly different, but similar. Ultimately it all depends on your artistic needs and you budget.

1. Ours is made in a different fabric

2. Ours comes in 14 different colors—standard, not extra

3. You can layer two of our scrims one in front of the other, for special color effects—without a nasty moiré (interference like) pattern.

4. Ours doesn’t hourglass.

5. Ours is made to be used in panels. No nasty side seams.

6. Ours can be printed or painted economically.

7. Ours gives a glow on the subject behind the scrim. This gives a special effect that can’t be gotten with ordinary scrim.

8. Ours is economical. Don’t be afraid to paint on it, because it doesn’t cost an arm and leg like sharketooth.

9. Ours comes in 15´ widths. This is both a plus and a minus. The minus: 15´ is very wide, but sharkstooth is wider. The plus: Sharkstooth can’t be hung as panels without hourglassing--when it stretches it becomes narrower in the center. Sharkstooth also needs a seam on the edge, which would show if you hung it in a panel. Ours doesn’t need a side seam. Ours doesn’t hourglass and needs no side seam.

10. Our scrim can be rented. Few scrims are rented because scrims are delicate and expensive materials. However Chameleon™ stands up to rental.

What is the natural width of the fabrics? StudioCloth™ is 12´6" and Chameleon™ is 15´8".

Which is the scrim material?Chameleon™ is much tougher and is recommended for normal scrim uses. Think of StudioCloth as more of a "Prop Cloth".

What is color-layering? Two StudioCloth™ (or Chameleon™) backgrounds, placed one directly in front of the other. Here the colors mottle together for an entirely different look. Dark Brown behind Light Grey will look like a background that is grey with some brown mottled in.

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