How Do I Get a Custom Printed Theatrical Scrim?

  1. Print these instructions by choosing File-Print from your browser.
  2. Complete order online or call toll free:1-800-359-2964 in the USA, or in Canada call: 1-812-579-5063.
  3. Prepare your artwork in 1:12 scale in a common graphic format at 300 dpi or better.
    Example: For a 15' x30' scrim, create the artwork as 15 inches by 30 inches at 300 dpi (or better). Vector graphics preferred.
  4. We've recently changed upload sites. Please email sue 'at' for further instructions
  5. It takes approximately 2.5 weeks for printing and shipping. Times can vary, so if you are on a deadline, please inform us by calling or adding that in the note field of the order.

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