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 Theatrical Scrims

New! Change the lighting on the scrim shown above.   Try it yourself! This is not ordinary sharkstooth scrim.

See the Reveal effect in video above

Scrim special effects with Chameleon™ Scrims

Props behind scrim can appear and disappear with your lighting.

Scrim fabric is not an ordinary sharkstooth

Chameleon™  Custom Theater Scrims
Shipped to You in Days

Our scrims are new tools in your creative toolbox. The special lighting effects with our scrim fabric are are truely unique.Need more information? Try our white papers to answer your questions: What are scrim effects?   or  What types of theater scrim are there?

  • 14 Beautiful Scrim Colors --Colors are far beyond what you can find in other theater scrim fabrics.
  • Special 'Halo' Diffusion --Translucent, not transparent, Chameleon™ scrim produces a halo-like glow around the subject when lit. Sharkstooth scrim can't do that.
  • Projection and Other Special Effects --Front and Rear Projection Surface. Silhouette and Shadow Screens. More.
  • Use as a Scrim Panel --This theater scrim doesn't need to be full stage width. No side seam is needed so the transistion on stage to "behind scrim" and "not behind scrim" is not as obvious. Natural width is 15'8"--your length. No other scrim fabric is designed for panels.
  • No Moiré effect in this scrim --So you can layer multiple scrims without a nasty "interference pattern" that sharkstooth has.
  • No Hourglassing Scrim --Our scrim fabric is not a knit, so it won't narrow in the middle when hung. So you can 'travel' this scrim unlike sharkstooth and other ordinary scrims.
  • Light Weight --No more heavy pipes. Since Chameleon™ doesn't need to be stretched like shark's tooth scrim, a much lighter pipe can be used. In fact, we recommend use of light pipes reducing cost and increasing safety. Many customers are happy with even pvc pipes as weights.
  • Run on a curtain track If you want to 'travel' the scrims on a curtain track, like a stage curtain, use a smooth cotton rope or cable as a weight in the pocket. (Tape end of cable before inserting.)
  • Lowest Prices Ever --About 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of Sharkstooth Scrim. See cost calculator in order form on this page.
  • Quick Ship. Buy today! --Quick deadlines are usually possible (even days) so don't miss out.
  • Order by phone or online below --Just use the form at the bottom of this page or call :  1(800)359-2964   or 1(812)579-5063 outside the USA Questions OK too!
  • We accept most University & School & Corporate POs --Using Purchase Orders can be tough, but we make it easy.
    We are school friendly. Order Scrims with a Purchase OrderUse a Purchase Order Click Here

  • For additional information including special cases, custom colors, color matching, other uses and the return policy, see FAQ page.

    See the silhouette effect in video above

    "Great communication! I will purchase from this company again. Thank you for your help and assistance. Best Wishes."
    --Take A Bow Productions

    Custom Theatre Scrims

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    We Print Custom Scrims...How do I order Custom Printed Scrims!

    * Chameleon™is not inherently flame retardant. However, Studio Productions, Inc. recommends that all fabrics hung on stage or in public settings be flame retardant treated. We also recommend that care is taken to not expose any hung fabric--treated or not--to a flame source. If you are ordering Chameleon™ scrim without flame retardant treatment you should treat it before use for most applications.

    ** Please note that any return of custom orders is subject to a restocking fee. More information is avaiable in the FAQ page.

    Order Custom Theater Scrim Now!

    Order Online Below or Call :    1(800)359-2964 or 1(812)579-5063 (outside the USA)                          We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
    Scrim swatches showing colors of fabric Chameleon™ Scrim
    Order Just the Material
    Unfinished, colored Chameleon™ Scrim Material
    15'8" Wide Chameleon™ Material Priced Per Yard (unfinished, no seams) $41/yard      Special Savings $ 39.15/yard

    Flame Retardant (adds $8/yd)

    Number of Yards

    By pressing this button and ordering, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understand the important flame retardant information in the FAQ page

    Order a Fully Finished Scrim
    Custom Finished Chameleon™ scrim

    Custom Size and Finishing Chameleon™ 

    Height Feet
    Height is measured from floor to ceiling.

    Width Feet
    Width is measured from left to right.

    Two finishes are offered for online ordering. Other finishes are available by ordering over the phone.

    Flame Retardant

    Tip: Want to order two identical scrims? Press 'Add to Shopping Cart', then adjust the quantity ordered in the shopping cart.

    By pressing this button and ordering, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understand the important flame retardant information in the FAQ page

    There are limitations on returns of custom scrims, please check your sizes carefully! Also be careful of which measurement is height and which is width! To see the complete return policy, see FAQ page.

    Prices do not include shipping costs. All prices subject to final company review before honoring by order fulfillment.

    Because the natural width of Chameleon ™ is 15' 8", if 15 feet is selected for height the actual height dimension will be 15'4". If 15 foot is selected for width the actual width will be 15'8".

    It is possible to order larger scrims or more exact sizes than shown. For these and other questions, please call 1-800-359-2964 (in USA) or 1-812-579-5063 (outside USA)

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