Photography Backgrounds

Studio Productions, Inc. introduced the first translucent fabric special effect photography background, StudioCloth™  in 1991. Today StudioCloth™  is offered in 14 different colors and several sizes up to 12' x 20'. Chameleon™  is offered in Photographic background sizes up to 15' x 30'.

Theatrical Scrims

Studio Productions, Inc. originated the first special effect theatrical scrim Chameleon™. This is the first scrim designed to be hung in panels not full stage width. This is also the first new type of special effect scrim offered since scrim was invented. Chameleon™ does not hourglass, comes in 14 colors, can be razor cut, has no moire effect and produces the uniquely romantic "halo" diffusion effect. It is especially effective for dream sequences and memory scenes.

Retail Display Design

Chameleon™  brings a theatrical effect to retail design. With your special lighting, walls become translucent, space is defined quickly and easily. Unique and simple, the special effects are beautiful. Use for banners, walls, window decoration. Sizes go to what ever you need (natural width of the fabric is 15' 8"--length limited by your needs). 14 colors are available.

Exhibit/ Tradeshow Displays.

Our light-weight translucent materials are perfect for exhibit displays, Chameleon™  are easily hung, can be used for banners, exhibit ceilings, translucent exhibit booth walls, up to 50 foot! Let us catch eyes for you in your tradeshow/exhibit booth.

About Studio Productions, Inc.

In keeping with our theme of "Creative Tools for Creative People"™, this site proudly displays our products StudioCloth™, a large translucent photography backdrop and Chameleon™, a very large scrim material for translucent banners, panels, exhibit booth space dividers and artificial fabric ceilings. Our site also provides links to other photographic and design equipment suppliers, including a recent collaboration with Radi8™ to support our retail store designers' needs for high end art prints. Visit our directories--both of suppliers of equipment for the creative professional's needs.

Look toward Studio Productions, Inc. in the future to offer content on the small business environment and support of the needs of our creative professionals in their businesses. A much overlooked facet to the business of the arts, is that artists are also small businesses. As a small family owned business ourselves we appreciate our artist customers and we pledge to support their future success.

Studio Productions, Inc, Creative Tools for Creative People™, since 1991.

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