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Marching Band Props, Marching Band Scrims & Marching Band Backdrops

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Drum Line Picture.  Marching Band Scrim

Marching Band Prop, printed scrim

Marching Band Stadium Shot

Marching Band

The scrim worked very well for us this season. The band placed first at all four of our contests and the judges were crazy about the scrim.

--Mike Hand, Director of Bands,Heritage High School
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 Band Field Show Ideas: Eagle Concept for Marching Band Backdrop
Eagle Theme Scrim. 15 foot by 30 foot..

  • Custom Printed Marching Band Props.--Your design can come to life quickly.

  • Large Size Props --Large Size Marching Band Props Make a Big Impression

  • We Can Help With Your Artwork--We can work to your artwork, or our own.

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  • Lightweight.-- Chameleon ™ is surprisingly light--even 15' x 30' is less than 10 pounds making it easier to handle.

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  • A Marching Band Backdrop You Can Afford -- Costs less that you might think.

  • We Also Do Non-Scrim Printed Backdrops-- We have several materials. Call Us to Discuss Your Needs

  • We Also Do Non-Printed Scrim-- Its a popular trend to float a solid color (Unprinted) scrim above your Marching Band. ( Example 47 foot by 35 foot, Weighs only 19 pounds. $1,890. Call to Discuss.

Not intended for high wind situations (or rain).
Band Field Show Ideas:  Liberty Concept for Marching Band Backdrop
Liberty Theme Scrim. 15 foot by 30 foot..
  • We Also Do Custom Sideline Screens-- You can hide your band props behind our sideline screens, while enhancing the visual with your custom sideline screen.

  • Band Field Show Ideas:  Heaven and Hell Theme  for Marching Band Backdrop plus a Custom Sideline Screen of Fire
    Heaven & Hell Theme Scrim. 15 foot by 30 foot with a fire 4 foot x 30 foot sideline screen..

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We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
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Band Field Show Ideas: Printed Marching Band Scrim Example.
Picture is provided courtesty of Mike Hand, director of Heritage High School band. A 27' x 29' painted marching band scrim with Heritage High School Marching Band.