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The 'Sound' Science Behind Chameleon™ Grill Cloth
  • All the sound you deserve:   Chameleon™ Grill Cloth has an extremely low amount of transmission loss which means a high transmission coefficient. The reason for this is its extremely low mass resulting in very little acoustic power lost in the medium.
  • Very little sound reflection:   Due to its low mass and fine structure, to a sound wave our grill cloth looks like near air. Reflections occur in proportion to the difference of the medium from air. Thus optically it might have one appearance but acoustically it’s nearly transparent.
  • Very little 'coloration' of sound:  Due to the above properties which exist uniformly across the audio frequency range, there is no strange cancellation or resonance conditions that exist to “color” the sound.

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Chameleon™ is a large surface for printed scrims that can be used as visually opaque or translucent backgrounds while being acoustically transparent.

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