Scrim, Theatrical Scrim, Special Effects Scrim, Theater Backdrops, Stage Scrim, Alternative to Sharkstooth Scrims, Translucent Fabric Textural Scrim Material. Create unique "halo" effect.
Theatrical Scrim

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Scrim used with abstract light show
Projection on a circular scrim
Scrim in use for live action projection of flag waving in wind.

Startling visual effects in events!

At left is shown three projection uses of the scrims in this event. Speakers could be behind the large scrim on stage--were they? (Chameleon™ can be used in front of speakers. The large scrim covers what is behind it; is a surface for light effects and projections. The smaller custom circular scrim is a projection screen for a laser show, a still logo projection and a moving flag projection.

Pictures courtesy of invert720 productions, Alberta, Canada

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Chameleon™ is a large grill cloth that enhances the visual side of acoustical applications. While visually opaque the material is nearly acoustically transparent.

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