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Halloween Projection Screens

Two Great Choices:

  • Chameleon ™  Professional Theatre Scrim (see-thru) or
  • Roadshow ™   Projection Screens (non see-thru)
  • Garage Doorway Projection Screen

    Sizes Available: 7' h x 8'w, 7' h x 12'w and 7' h x 16'w

    Types available: Chameleon ™ Scrim Screen (see-thru) or Roadshow ™ Projection Screen (not see-thru)

    Halloween Garage Doorway Projection Screen
    Shown Rear Projection 7' x 16' concept achieved with projector in the garage, placed to one side (avoids hotspotting). For a see-through projection use Chameleon ™ Scrim Screen. For non-see through use Roadshow ™ Projection Screen.

    Window Projection Screen

    Sizes Available: 3'x3', 6' h x 3'w, 6' x 6'

    Types available: Chameleon ™ Scrim Screen (see-thru) or Roadshow ™ Projection Screen (not see-thru)

    For small windows use Roadshow ™ Projection Screen. For Large windows and a see-through effect use Chameleon ™ Scrim Screen. Chameleon is not recommended for windows under 6' x 6'

    Do You Want See-Thru Or Not See-Thru?

    Chameleon ™ Scrims can do the magical effects you see on stage. So you can project dancing skeletons and still see the living room behind them. Or you can project the ghost that sits on a real rocking chair.

    However you might want a projection screen that you don't see through like Roadshow ™. You want to see a spooky graveyard where your garage should be and NOT see the tools actually in your garage.

    About Our Halloween Projection Screens...

    • Quick Delivery! --Most screens are received within a week or two. Need it faster? Just ask. Many times we ship overnight.

    • Affordable, Best Prices--Prices start at $ 25 for windows, and $ 77 for garage screens

    • Front and Rear Projection

    • Easy to Rig --Just tie at the corners.

    • Easy Effects --With good lighting the effects are easy. Reveal Effects, Silhouettes, Shadow Projections and Full Color Projections.

    • Order by phone or online at right --Just use the form on this page or call :  1(800)359-2964   or 1(812)579-5063 outside the USA & Canada Scrim Questions OK too!

    • Want to Know How to Get Effects? -- Try our Information articles and videos. Or call and talk out your project.

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15'8" Wide Chameleon™ Material Priced Per Yard (unfinished, no seams)

Flame Retardant (adds $9/yd)

Number of Yards

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Window or Garage Door Projection Screen

Ready to Use Window or Garage Projection Screens


h= height w=width


Order Chameleon ™ for See-Thru Effects. Order Roadshow ™ for Non-See-Thru Effects. Both can do front projection or rear projection. Roadshow has better projection for small sizes. Neither material is intended for unsheltered outdoor use. Risks include rain and wind.


Roadshow ™ is only available in white. Chameleon ™ is available in several colors.


We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Prices do not include shipping costs. All prices subject to final company review before honoring by order fulfillment.
Because the natural width of Chameleon ™ is 15' 8", if 15 feet is selected for height the actual height dimension will be 15'4". If 15 foot is selected for width the actual width will be 15'8".

It is possible to order larger scrims or more exact sizes than shown. For these and other questions, please Call Now on a Cell/Mobile: 1-812-579-5063 or Landline: 1-800-359-2964 (in US or Canada)