Your Photographic Lighting With Our Backdrops

This is a Chameleon backdrop used in a large photo shoot. Many photographers are initially concerned about the apparent fragility of our beautiful translucent backdrops; they are pleasantly surprised to find out that they need to take less care of our products than of a paper background.

Here Jim Kihnl used a dark brown Chameleon cloth with a dramatic effect:

"What started out as a simple exercise to experiment with a new background product turned into a wonderful discovery.

I had wanted a background to shoot some grand pianos on and thought (Chameleon) offered a great value with outstanding possibilities for something unusual. I was even able to incorporate translucent and opaque in the same shot. Later, when a California based winery wanted to use the shot to promote one of their new wines, discovery became profit.

I think Studio Cloth (Chameleon) is one of the best values for the photographer."

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