How Do I Get a Custom Printed Theatrical Scrim?

  1. Print these instructions by choosing File-Print from your browser.
  2. Complete order online or call toll free:1-800-359-2964 in the USA, or in Canada call: 1-812-579-5063.
  3. Prepare your artwork in 1:12 scale in a common graphic format at 300 dpi or better.
    Example: For a 15 foot x 30 foot scrim, create the artwork as 15 inches by 30 inches at 300 dpi (or better). Vector graphics preferred.
  4. For files under 2 MB in size, please email sue 'at' Files larger than that please use any of the common file share sites and email a link to sue 'at'
  5. Call with any questions: 1-800-359-2964 in the USA, or in Canada call: 1-812-579-5063.
  6. It takes approximately 2.5 weeks for printing and shipping. Times can vary, so if you are on a deadline, please inform us by calling or adding that in the note field of the order.
Once the artwork is ready you can send a link to a DropBox or other file sharing software to sales1 'at' Email this page to another colleague

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