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Yes! We accept most school, university, and corporate Purchase Orders in the US and Canada! Send the entire signed Purchase Order (with your contact information)by email, or mail. (We no longer support fax). We do not accept POs outside the US and Canada. All POs are subject to verification are are accepted at our sole discretion. Please note 'due dates' on the Purchase Order

Many schools simply print the shopping cart and send it with the PO, but if you need an official quote fill out the form below.

By Email, send to:

         sales @  studio-productions-inc.com

By Mail, send to:

         Studio Productions, Inc.
         18000 E. 400 S.
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Do you need an invoice or estimate in advance? Many school systems and corporations require either an invoice or an estimate in order to generate a PO. If you need these, please call 1-812-579-5063 or email us as above...or use the quote form below.




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