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What sizes of Chameleon are available? Chameleon comes in 15´ x 30´, and 10´ x 15´. The 15´ª x 30´ is the most popular.

Do I need a heavy pipe weight? No. Ordinary sharkstooth scrim needs a heavy weight because it has to be stretched out. Chameleon™ doesn't stretch and doesn't need a heavy pipe weight. Part of the reason that the pipe pockets are small is to encourage use of light pipes. For most applications a pipe no bigger than 1" OD is needed--and we recommend a lighter weight alloy like aluminum. Many of our customers are happy with PVC pipes. Under no circumstances should you use a heavy pipe on a piece to be flown for obvious safety reasons. Studio Productions, Inc. doesn't accept liablity for misuse of products including using too heavy a pipe. Using smaller lighter weight pipes is just another cost savings. (Most StudioCloth™ applications should not use a pipe weight.)

What about Flame Retardant treatment? Chameleon™ and StudioCloth™ are not inherently flame retardant, although like most synthetics it tends to melt and draw away from flame sources. However, Studio Productions, Inc. recommends that all fabrics hung on stage or in public settings be flame retardant treated. We also recommend that care is taken to not expose any hung fabric--treated or not--to a flame source. If you are ordering Chameleon™ scrim (or StudioCloth™) without flame retardant treatment (perhaps to paint it) you should treat it before use for most applications.

Care of flame retardant treated fabrics. Like most vendors, Studio Productions, Inc. included recommend that flame retardant treated fabrics are periodically re-treated. Also if the fabric is wetted for any reason, the fabric should be retreated. Cleaning of flame retardant treated fabrics should be limited to shaking off dust, vacuuming with care, spot cleaning with care using a damp, not wet, cloth.

What sizes of StudioCloth are available? StudioCloth comes in 12´ x 20´, 12´ x 15´, 9´ x 12´ and 6´ x 6´. The 12´ x 20´ is the most popular.

What is the difference between StudioCloth and Chameleon? There are obvious size differences (Chameleon comes in larger sizes). Chameleon is heavier-weight and more durable. Visually, StudioCloth is slightly more mat; and drapes like a soft, light-weight cloth. Chameleon has more robust draping, and produces a slight halo effect around a lighted object. Both transmit light well.

How can I get rid of wrinkles? If you don´t want wrinkles, hang the cloth up and let most of the wrinkles fall out overnight. For a quick solution, clamp the four corners of the cloth taut. Steaming is possible if the steamer is held 3 or more from the cloth. Ironing on low synthetic settings is possible with StudioCloth, but not recommended with Chameleon.

What sort of effects can I get? Objects look slightly diffuse behind the cloth (lit from behind the cloth as well). Try Chameleon hung as exhibit walls. Try color layering one wall with another.

Can the fabric be painted, or printed on? Yes, they make excellent banners.

What colors are available? Both StudioCloth and Chameleon are available in standard colors, and our hot colors. Standard colors are: Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Pearl Grey, Dark Brown, Sky Blue, and Tan. The 'Hot' colors are: Off White, Royal Blue, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Kelly Green, Bright Orange, Lavendar, and Pink. Please see COLORS to see the full range of colors we offer.

Are custom colors available? Yes, with some time constraints. Call for details.

What colors are best? All of them (depends on you). Medium Grey is the most popular standard color; Royal Blue is the most popular Hot color.

Is there a cost difference? Both materials cost approximately the same per square foot. Size makes the difference.

What is color-layering? Two StudioCloth (or Chameleon) backgrounds, placed one directly in front of the other. Here the colors mottle together for an entirely different look. Dark Brown behind Light Grey will look like a background that is grey with some brown mottled in.

Is Chameleon a scrim? This isn´t your ordinary sharkstooth. This is a non-woven fabric, that is translucent.

Is Chameleon transparent? No, a Chameleon scrim gives a slightly mottled look with some diffusion.

Can you use these cloths opaquely? Yes, just front light them as you would any opaque scrim.

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