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What is normal delivery time? For custom orders, about 10 working days from order to delivery. For raw materials about 7 working days. For printed scrim or sheers or printed backgrounds, 2.5 weeks is normal. Call to see if we can deliver in less time, sometimes even overnight is possible.

What is the natural width of the fabrics? StudioCloth is 12´6" and Chameleon™ is 15´8".

Which is the scrim material?Chameleon™ is much tougher and is recommended for normal scrim uses. Think of StudioCloth as more of a "Prop Cloth".

Can they be painted? Yes. Paint with a dye style, but use a dilute acrylic paint (because it adds a small amount of binder). To read more about painting.

Do they hour-glass? No. Hourglassing is something specific to woven fabrics. When stretched a woven fabric gets narrow in the center. (Like pulling a turleneck sweater over your head--its tight. On stage a sharkstooth scrim is hung and is narrower in the middle. On stage Chameleon™ is still the same shape.

Do I need a heavy pipe weight? No. Ordinary sharkstooth scrim needs a heavy weight because it has to be stretched out. Chameleon™ doesn't stretch and doesn't need a heavy pipe weight. Part of the reason that the pipe pockets are small is to encourage use of light pipes. For most applications a pipe no bigger than 1" OD is needed--and we recommend a lighter weight alloy like aluminum. Many of our customers are happy with PVC pipes. Under no circumstances should you use a heavy pipe on a piece to be flown for obvious safety reasons. Studio Productions, Inc. doesn't accept liability for misuse of products including using too heavy a pipe. Using smaller lighter weight pipes is just another cost savings. (Most StudioCloth™ applications should not use a pipe weight.)

Can I use a chain for weight? We recommend using a cable or smooth cotton rope (not any rough or hemp ropes!) for weight instead of a chain. A chain's links can seriously degrade the pocket strength. When using a cable, tape the end the cable before stringing it through the pocket. If you must use a chain, a sausage bead chain is best. If you must use a wire linked chain we suggest that you duct-tape the entire length of it before stringing it through the pocket.

Tip: To Pull a scrim on a curtain track To move a scrim using a curtain track, hang like a curtain. If your setup requires manually pulling the scrim across a stage by hand try either attaching a cord or small wood dowel to the curtain hook that goes through the first grommet. Pulling on the grommet itself can damage the scrim (if the track is not easy to pull). Pulling on the hook will direct that force correctly.

What about flame retardant treatment? Chameleon™ and StudioCloth™ are not inherently flame retardant. Like most synthetics they tend to melt and draw away from flame sources, but may still catch fire. Therefore, Studio Productions, Inc. recommends that all fabrics hung on stage or in public settings be flame retardant treated. We also recommend that care is taken to not expose any hung fabric--treated or not--to a flame source. If you are ordering Chameleon™ scrim (or StudioCloth™) without flame retardant treatment (perhaps to paint it) you should treat it before use for most applications.

Care of flame retardant treated fabrics. Like most vendors, Studio Productions, Inc. recommend that flame retardant treated fabrics are periodically re-treated. Also if the fabric is exposed to moisture for any reason, the fabric should be retreated. Cleaning of flame retardant treated fabrics should be limited to shaking off dust, vacuuming with care, spot cleaning with care using a damp, not wet, cloth. Be aware that water can dissolve flame retardant treatments and areas that are spot cleaned may be impacted. Retreat areas that are spot-treated with approved flame retardants for synthetic fiber products.

Flame retardant treated fabrics & labeling. Studio Productions, Inc. cannot be held responsible for post-sale handling of products that have been flame retardant treated. Getting a product wet, or applying additional paint, or chemicals can invalidate any protection that the flame retardant offers. If a product is gotten wet or has additional chemicals--including paint--added to its surface, the user agrees to remove the label and destroy it in order to not mislead subsequent users of the material. The label (or flame retardant treatment certificate) specifies when the material was treated, how it was treated and with what flame retardant product. It also advises that you retreat periodically according to your fire marshal's recommendations. If the label is removed, Studio Productions can provide a copy of the label as it originally appeared. Because Studio Productions, Inc cannot know any adverse treatment (water application, painting of materials, additional chemicals added) of the product after sale, the presence of the label by itself is not a guarantee that the product is fire resistant. The presence of the label is only indicative that it once was treated as specified.

Light sources/ Heat sources Studio Productions, Inc. recommends that the newest technology be used in low temperature (and lower energy consumption) lighting instruments and light sources. Although we are sure our customers plan to take all safety precautions in handling our products and all other any drapery goods or soft goods, its is a sensible precaution to use low temperature light sources. Other heat sources should be limited and kept away from hung fabrics. These heat sources include smoke machines, and pyrotechnic devices of any sort.

Halloween Projection Screens Studio Productions, Inc. recommends that these be used outdoors without any heat sources nearby (including smoke machines, fireworks, explosives, hot lights). If you want to use indoor or in garage setups, please ask for flame retardant to be applied (extra charge for application). Even with flame retardant do not use any material including our screens against incandescent or halogen lights or any worklight, or any similar light that is hot to your touch.

Is Chameleon™ scrim a projection screen?A Chameleon™ Projection Scrim is not a projection screen. Projection screens are designed for projection only. Chameleon™ scrim is a special effect product that happens to be good for projection. Its the best of the scrims for projection and the only one really usable for rear projection. Scrims have been used for years on stage for large projection surfaces. Many Audio-Visual professionals use our scrim, especially in the large sizes, where projection screens and rear projection screens in particular become very expensive.

Many people are surprised to see that Chameleon&trade is translucent and still performs so well for projection. Of course you do need to have control of ambient light (so you don't accidentally trigger the special effects).

Every project is difference, so we encourage you to call to discuss your needs. Or you can ask for us to mail you a sample to see for yourself that its right for you.

Can you project on dark colors of Chameleon™? Surprisingly, 'Yes', we have many audio-visual professionals who prefer the Dark Gray (which is essentially a black) because of the higher contrast their images get. However, you should double check to make sure that your projector is properly sized. A brighter (more light) projection is needed to properly project on dark colors. Don't use an undersized projector on dark colors. If you are unsure, we suggest testing a sample.

Do two or more have a moiré effect? No. A moiré effect is basically an interferance pattern that forms when two fabrics with similar weaves are placed on in front of the other. Since Chameleon™ is spunbonded, a moiré effect is not possible.

How to I get a scrim larger than 15´? We suggest you use panels. If you must have a larger piece, try vertically seaming with tape, which produces a very nice non-seam (not weight bearing). The tape we use is placed on the back, and is non reflective and transparent.

Can it be flametreated? Flametreat to industry standards with an application of Rosco Flamex SF (SF is for synthetic fibers). We can treat before shipment.

Is this material woven? No, this is a spunbonded fabric.

How can I get rid of wrinkles?
  • You should use a hairdryer. Dry heat softens synthetic fibers and allows them to be straightened out. Weight or hold the material flat/straight and slowly move the hairdryer over the creased area from a few inches away. Do not put the hairdryer directly against the material and hold there. You wouldn't trap the hairdryer against your scalp or it would burn it. Similarly use the hairdryer on a synthetic from a few inches away.
  • Don't use a steamer, it will make it worse and harder to fix. Steamers are made for cotton, not synthetics. Cottons absorb water and when the heat is increased the resultant steam straightens out the fiber. When you instead use a steamer on a flame retardant synthetic, the flame retardant (a salt solution) holds the moisture and keeps the fiber from getting hot enough to be softened and straightened out.
  • Ironing on synthetic settings is possible with StudioCloth™ , or a low synthetic settings with Chameleon™ . Test the edge carefully before testing a visible area.
  • You can also roll unseamed material on a 4" diameter 'Carpet' roll or a cardboard roll (at least 4" OD), leave overnight and unroll. Do not roll on a small diameter rod or tube.

What sort of effects can I get? Chameleon&trade can be lit to be opaque (not-see through) or translucent (see through. Objects look slightly diffused and glow when revealed behind the cloth (lit from behind the cloth as well). The effect is similar to a 'halo'. Projection is possible--both front projection and rear projection. Shadows and silhouettes can also be projected. To read more about other effects.

Can the fabric be printed on? Note: Requirements for printing on Sheers, and Backgrounds are the same as listed for scrims. Yes, they are an excellent printing surface. To read more about printing on scrim.

What colors are available? Both StudioCloth™ and Chameleon™ are available in Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Pearl Grey, Dark Brown, Sky Blue, Tan, Off White, Royal Blue, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Kelly Green, Bright Orange, Lavendar, and Pink. Please see colors offered.

Are custom colors available? Yes, with some time constraints and with a small additional charge. Call for details. Remember this is not an exact process, so its is always advisable for you to ask for samples as a 'proof' (additional costs may apply) and you should always allow time for any adjustments you deem needed to the color provided.

What colors are best? All of them (depends on you). Off White is the most popular standard color followed by Pearl Grey which is probably the most versatile.

Is there a cost difference? Both materials cost approximately the same per square foot. Size and finishing makes the difference.

Are custom sizes available? Yes, call 1(812)579-5063. Or you can order using our NEW online order form--just visit the Custom Scrim page

Can Chameleon™ be ordered outside the US? Yes, call 1(812) 579-5063.

What is color-layering? Two StudioCloth™ (or Chameleon™ ) backgrounds, placed one directly in front of the other. Here the colors mottle together for an entirely different look. Dark Brown behind Light Grey will look like a background that is grey with some brown mottled in.

Is Chameleon™ a scrim? This isn´t your ordinary sharkstooth. This is a non-woven fabric, that is translucent. Its a better projection surface than ordinary scrim and is easier to light than ordinary sharkstooth scrim. To read more about other types of scrim.

Can we order using a Purchase Order or PO? We accept most Purchase Orders. It does need to be the complete signed PO --not just the number. Please fax the PO to 812-579-5063 or email it to us.

Is Chameleon™ transparent? No, a Chameleon™ scrim is translucent not transparent. People revealed behind it look slightly diffused and glow--like they have a 'halo' making this very suggestive of spiritual effects and separation of time and space.

Can you use these cloths opaquely? Yes, just front light them as you would any scrim to make it opaque. No scrim is easy to make opaque, but Chameleon™ is far easier to make opaque than sharkstooth scrim. To read more about lighting scrims.

What are Scrim Effects? The most common scrim effect is the 'reveal effect'. There are basically two states of a scrim:

1. The scrim is lit from the front (audience side) and it become opaque so it looks like a solid color screen--the color is any color of light you shine on it.

Results?The subject will not be seen--the scrim will look like a "sky" if you use a blue scrim, or any color scrim with blue gelled lights.

2. The scrim has no light from the front (the audience), and some subject is behind the scrim and strong light falls on the subject. This typically would be a spotlight on the angel.

Results?The subject will now be seens with a glow around him. This is similar to the glow around the children on the carousel in the picture in the set design gallery, so take a look at that.

The very simple rule is light what you want to be seen. Light something you want seen behind a scrim and it shows, don't light it (light the scrim itself instead) and it doesn't show. To make this all work, you need control of your lighting both in front of the scrim and behind --which is dicey if you are outdoors.

There are other effects, like shadow screens and projections. This scrim can even be walked through for a 'secret entrance'.

To read more about other effects.

How is our scrim different from other scrims like sharkstooth?

Our products can be used instead of sharkstooth scrim, or with sharkstooth scrims. The effects achieved are slightly different, but similar. Ultimately it all depends on your artistic needs and you budget.

1. Ours is made in a different fabric

2. Ours comes in 14 different colors--standard, not extra

3. You can layer two of our scrims one in front of the other, for special color effects--without a nasty moire (interference like) pattern.

4. Ours doesn't hourglass.

5. Ours is made to be used in panels. No nasty side seams.

6. Ours can be printed or painted economically. Note: We print on sheer material as an alternative to scrims (currently we have suspended printing on Chameleon™)

7. Ours gives a glow on the subject behind the scrim. This gives a special effect that can't be gotten with ordinary scrim.

8. Ours is economical. Don't be afraid to paint on it, because it doesn't cost an arm and leg like sharketooth.

9. Ours comes in 15 ft widths. This is both a plus and a minus. The minus: 15ft is very wide, but sharkstooth is wider. The plus: Sharkstooth can't be hung as panels without hourglassing--when it stretches it becomes narrower in the center. Sharkstooth also needs a seam on the edge, which would show if you hung it in a panel. Ours doesn't need a side seam. Ours doesn't hourglass and needs no side seam.

10. Our scrim can be rented. Few scrims are rented because scrims are delicate and expensive materials. However Chameleon™ stands up to rental.

Returns are rare!

At Studio Productions we are proud of a very low return rate, one which is certainly among the lowest in our industry. Most products sold are custom, but the return rate in most years is between 1% and 1.5%. (Return rates can be calculated as a percentage of the number of orders or could be calculated as the percentage of the dollar amounts.)

What are return policies for rentals?

Any credit/refund is at the sole discretion of Studio Productions, Inc. Method of any refund is also at sole discretion of Studio Productions. Shipping costs are never credited.

Cancellation of your event is not a reason for refund.

Any return must be initiated within the first week of the rental period (generally rental period is 2 weeks, so return must be initiated in 1/2 that time).

To return, you call Studio Productions to give notice of an issue within 3 days of delivery of the scrim. This is an outside limit, we recommend hanging scrim orders immediately.

Refunds for rentals are never offered for cases where the scrim has been in the hands of the customer for more than a week. Refunds for products that have been out a week or less are limited and at the sole discretion of Studio Productions, Inc.

Any refund-- if offered--for an order on which payment has not been made, or is in any way in dispute will be delayed until the payment has been made or 30 days elapses (whichever is greater).

Applying rental costs toward purchase.

This deal is offered only at the complete discretion of the Studio Productions, Inc. The deal can be revoked. without prior notice. When this deal is offered. Rent up to the purchase price can be applied toward the purchase of the same scrim within the rental period. Note: Excess rent beyond the purchase price of the scrim is not credited nor refunded. This offer allows a customer to rent and choose to buy.

Return shipping on Rentals.

Rental customers are responsible to get the rental scrim back in transit to us at the end of the rental period (in transit by first business day after the rental period), by a method with a tracking number. We suggest FedEx ground or UPS ground because they are less expensive usually than USPS. Return shipment is at the renter's expense. You don't need to overnight ship or rush ship. Please retain the tracking number.

What are return policies? (for purchases)

Any return must occur within 14 days of sale of the product. Any return must be preapproved within 3 days of receipt of product, preapproval will involve a return code issued by phone or an email will be issued with instructions for return. No shipping costs are refunded.

Any refunds are at the sole discretion of Studio Productions, Inc.

Because all Chameleon™ scrim sales are custom sales a standard minimum charge of 30% applies. Any damage to the product or delay in its return may cause additional fees to apply, including but not limited to rental charges. Rental charges would be assessed based on the standard rental charges of a similarly sized rental product for a similar amount of time. (Example: A scrim is returned which is of a similar size to one which rents for $145 for two weeks. If that scrim is returned after four weeks the refund would be reduced $290 plus any damages.)

Returns of StudioCloth™ or unseamed Chameleon™ sales have a 30% restocking fee...unless a 1-for-1 order is given.

Returns of printed Chameleon™ scrims are rarely accepted and are handled on a case by case basis.

Returns of any other printed material where the base material is not manufactured directly by Studio Production, Inc (Sombrero, Softknit, SpeakerMesh, Poplin, UltraPoplin, Roadshow™ Sheers) are rarely accepted and rarely result in any refund.

Returns of any other un-printed material whose source material is not manufactured directly by Studio Production, Inc (These would include RoadShow™ Screens, Sombrero, Softknit, SpeakerMesh, Poplin or UltraPoplin, Roadshow™ Sheers) with any finishing (sewing, grommets or cutting of any kind) are rarely accepted and rarely--if ever-- result in any refund. Please request and examine samples in advance of ordering.

Any refund-- if offered--for an order on which payment has not been made, or is in any way in dispute will be delayed until the payment has been made or 30 days elapses (whichever is greater).

What is does the restocking fee cover?

Charging a sale to credit card results in non-refundable fees that can cost up to 5% of the total charge--including on initial shipping costs. Any credit issued to a card also incurs fees (For this reason many refunds are not placed on the cards, but sent by check). Additionally, returned products cannot be sold as 'new', and sometimes require significant discounts for resale as 'used'. Other costs are incurred but are not enumerated here.

What policies regarding non-return of rental products (or delay in return)?

Rental scrims must be in-transit by traceable means (UPSP, UPS, FedEx) within 24 hours after the rental period ends. The tracking number must be kept available should we need to ask for it. You can return by the least expensive traceable method--i.e. ground UPS or FedEx.

If the rental product is not returned and the tracking number cannot be produced to prove the rental products location, the renter agrees to damages. Normally damages will be charged to the payment method given when the products were rented.

Charges are limited to the fair value of the product, minus the rental charge. Ex: A $530 value scrim is not returned. The renter originally paid $195 to rent the scrim (plus shipping). The renter now would owe $ 530 - $195, or $335. Renters agree to these terms by renting the product.

What policies regarding damage of rental products?

Rental products must be returned in good re-rentable, clean condition. Should damage occur we allow for a certain amount of damage per use (i.e. normal wear and tear) before charging for damages. Should the damage exceed the allowed amount, we contact the renter and alert them to the problem. At that time the renter is offered the option of paying the damage minus the allowance, or purchasing the product at a price discounted for prior use, and further discounted for the rent paid. Renters agree to these terms by renting the product.

Rights to Printed Artwork

Studio Productions, Inc is a company of artists, who respect the work of artists, photographers, actors and models. We instruct sales people to explain the information that follows (verbally), however the comments below are part of the website to convey to the customer a caution on rights. 1.) All artwork that is designed/ produced by Studio Productions, Inc is covered by copyright. Studio Productions, Inc licenses that artwork for the one time printing and the further use of that one printed product. 2.) Customers who provide the artwork to print are agreeing that they have full rights to print for this purpose. These rights include model rights, photographer and artist licenses. If attribution is required by a license, the customer must include any attribution in the artwork when submitted. Studio Productions, Inc. must rely upon the customer's assurance of that commitment to protect the artist(s) involved. Studio Productions, Inc reserves the right to show online on the website or on social media any work completed as part of a portfolio of work. Studio Productions, Inc also reserves a right to publish organizational names as a list of customers. 3.) Any printed scrap, partial prints, rejected prints can be used by Studio Productions, Inc. for samples sent to customers. When this is done, the samples are only small portions of original print, or the printer proof of the whole print in a very small scale. 4.) A printed piece that is rejected may be sold at a steep discount. This is rare, but allows us to serve low-budget artist customers who repurpose (frequently paint over) scrap.

Can I match a custom color to a printed color?

Yes, but color matching between any two different processes is a tricky prospect. You should ask for a small piece printed (a charge will apply) and for a small sample in the new color as a 'proof'(a charge will apply). Also you should allow time for this process--and for any adjustment to any colors from the printing or to the custom color method you might desire. Not allowing for time for exchange of 'proofs' or for an order involving color matching is not recommended.

Flame retardant nature of Sheer Material

The content of the 'Sheer' material (not Chameleon™) according to supplier is 100% polyester. NFPA 701, Title 19, CSFM F-91201, Meets section 13115 of California Health and Safety Code (GF 4853)

Sheer Material

The image printed on this fabric is visible on both sides of the material (GF 4853)

Note: Online Estimation of Custom Orders

Studio Productions, Inc. reserves the right to revise pricing from the on-site estimation tools. If prices are significantly lowered we mention it in the receipt letter sent out after charging the card. If prices are raised we notify the customer in advance of shipment. A typical example is when shipping prices are estimated higher than needed. In this case the shipping is adjusted lower when the card is charged.

Sales Tax Collection

Studio Productions, Inc. is an Indiana corporation with nexus in Indiana and Indiana only. We pay all sales taxes required by and according to Indiana state law. Sales shipped outside Indiana may be subject to local sales taxes for which the recipient is responsible. Please refer any questions about local taxes and tax laws to your tax professional. Within Indiana, tax exempt organizations need to provide the Tax Exemption Number/ Certificate to prove exemption from sales tax.

Sustainability Policies

Studio Productions, Inc. is working toward sustainability on several fronts. 1.) Reduce materials and waste in both production and packaging. We salvage much of the wastage in production, we also reduce waste there by efficiency methods. We even claim and reuse some of our supplier's waste. In packaging we pack multiple items together to reduce packaging and labeling. Design of products purposely minimizes the amount of materials keeping product streamlined. We've worked with suppliers to get packaging that is exactly suited to our needs. 2.) We've taken several steps to increase the life of products. While this won't help reduce at time of manufacture, it does help our customers keep and use products longer. Thus this reduces end of life wastage. These steps include reinforcement within the pockets and edges of our products. 3.) Rentals products come back in packages which contain the product for both outgoing and returning trips. Beyond that we reuse the boxes and bags used for onsite storage and other purposes. 4.) The major components of the product include 15% recycled materials, which we are proud of and continue to work with our suppliers to improve further. 5.) Rental is in itself a method of encouraging reuse and reducing end of life waste.

Machining marks, Roller marks, Knurling marks

As part of the rolling processes in manufacture of Chameleon™ some marks of the rollers might be lightly impressed on the cloth. If these are visible under lighting, the easiest way to mitigate that effect is to change the angle of the lights to not pick up these small marks.




Mis-use of product invalidates all warranties. Mis-use includes rigging with a steel pipe or anything other than lightweight 1" OD aluminum or small PVC pipe weight. Mis-use also includes exposing product to flame or heat source in excess of 100 degrees farenheit. Mis-use also includes use as costumes, clothing, bedding, masks, filters of any kind.

Any designation of Flame Retardant treated states the method of treatment, the date of treatment and product used for flame retardant treatment. Studio Productions, Inc. applies these treatments according to the label of the flame retardant used. Testing for the efficacy of these products is done by the manufacturer of these flame retardant treatment products.

Studio Productions Inc. does not warrant that any Studio Productions Inc. product meets any local, state or federal standards or regulations for flame retardancy or any other requirements applicable to the purchaser's use. A designation of Flame Retardant treated refers to treatment with a flame retardant product (similar to Rosco FlameX SF). That flame retardant treatment product used for treating is designed and tested for NFPA 701 standards. The purchaser of Studio Productions Inc. products is responsible for determining whether any requirements, certificates, or designations apply to the purchaser's use of products, including but not limited to NFPA 701 certification, New York City regulations, or California state regulations. Unless indicated in writing by Studio Productions Inc. products are not registered with the Fire Department of the City of New York or registered with the Fire Marshal of the State of California. Regulations and procedures vary according to the specific location in which the fabric will be used, and not all cities, states, and venues accept NFPA 701 certification.

Yearly onsite NFPA 705 Field Test by a certified tester is recommended by Studio Productions Inc. and may be required by the end user's State or Local Fire Marshal.

Costs for the test and/or for coordination of annual NFPA 705 Field Test and any resulting re-spray application of flame retardency chemicals are the responsibility of the end user.