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Special effects from your lighting design on Custom Scrim Multiple Effects Simultaneous: Reveal Silhouette

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  • Quick Delivery! --Most scrims are received within 2 weeks. Need it faster? Just ask. Many times we ship overnight.

  • Truly Custom Scrim --Your Theater Scrim is custom size, custom color.

  • --Or Order Just the Scrim Fabric --Ordering the Scrim Fabric is a great DIY Option

  • Affordable, Best Prices --Cost 67% Less than most ordinary sharkstooth scrims (Does more too!) See cost calculator in order form on this page.

  • Better Projection --Chameleon™ theatre scrim does better front projection, and even better rear projection..

  • Easy to Rig --Since Chameleon™ Custom scrim is lightweight and 'hangs square', it can be rigged with fly space, or on a curtain track. Even roman shades or Oleo/ Roll Drops or in Non-Theater Spaces too

  • Easy Effects --With good stage lighting the effects are easy. Reveal Effects, Silhouettes, Shadow Projections and Full Color Projections.

  • Use as a Scrim Panel --This theater scrim doesn't need to be full stage width. No side seam is needed so the transition on stage to "behind scrim" and "not behind scrim" is not as obvious. Natural width is 15'8"--your length. No other scrim fabric is designed for panels. No Moiré effect. No Hourglassing.

  • 14 Beautiful Custom Scrim Colors --Colors are far beyond what you can find in other theater scrim fabrics.

  • Order by phone or online at right --Just use the form on this page or call :  1(812)579-5063 Scrim Questions OK too!

  • We accept most College, University & School & Corporate POs -- Using Purchase Orders can be tough, but we make it easy. We work with 1000's of schools, colleges and universities. Get a W-9 or get an estimate or to use a PO.

  • Want to Know How to Get Effects? -- Try our Information articles and videos. Or call and talk out your project.

Scrim special effects with Chameleon™ Custom Scrims See Through or Not, Depends on Lighting
How to Light for Reveal Effect

How to Paint Chameleon™ Scrim
How to Light for True Silhouette Effect

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15'8" Wide Chameleon™ Scrim Fabric Priced Per Yard (unfinished, no seams)

Flame Retardant (adds $9/yd)

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Custom Size and Finishing Chameleon™ 

Height Feet
Height is measured from floor to ceiling.
Width Feet
Width is measured from left to right.

Two finishes are offered for online ordering. Other finishes are available by ordering over the phone.
Flame Retardant

We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

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Because the natural width of Chameleon ™ is 15' 8", if 15 feet is selected for height the actual height dimension will be 15'4". If 15 foot is selected for width the actual width will be 15'8".

It is possible to order larger scrims or more exact sizes than shown. For these and other questions, please Call Now : 1-812-579-5063