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Unique Topics, unique speaker

Unique Topics, unique speaker
Unique Topics, unique speaker
Speaker: Susanne Riehle

Bring it! Bring Leadership and Innovation to your organization. Have someone speak who knows. Susan's bio is unique. She has a wide breadth of experiences across disparate fields. Susan Riehle has founded two companies-- including Studio Productions, Inc, 23 years ago. Studio Productions is a major producer of theatrical scrims, projection surfaces; and is the premier producer of printed scrims. She holds a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) and a MBA. She has managed large software teams distributed over 3 continents. She also has an artistic resume as a set designer--and she has a 30 year resume as a teacher in Software Programming & other engineering topics including Robotics. She is known as (a vocal and)an active board member and an adviser to local not-for-profit organizations and to an Indiana college. She volunteers her time advising on interviewing and mock interviewing, as well as advising professionals on career strategy. She captures these experiences to convey the lessons of a full life and a productive, satisfying life--encouraging others to run, not walk and inhale deeply the oxygen of living.

Books by Susan Riehle:

Susan is one of the authors selected for the ThinkUpsideDown series of innovative books, which take a new creative look at a variety of topics. ThinkUpsideDown books provide real positive advice with creative twists that make topics new and approachable. Susanne's books include:
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Unique Topics, unique speaker

Current Topics

Susanne weaves humor, and stories from her life into lessons that can be applied. You will be educated but not experience the disappointment of feeling taught. The speeches are dynamic and fun.
  • Game Changer--You Can Change the Game in Business
  • Adventures of a Middle-Class Philanthropist--Impact Your Community from the Inside
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Female Entrepreneurs are Not an Endangered Species!
  • Female Leaders Are Not Just Male Leaders in Drag
  • ---Your topic here, Custom Topics are Preferred---

Past Engagements (a sampling)
  • Key Note Society of Women Engineers
  • Harrison College Commencement Address
  • Key Note Indiana Convention of IAAP
  • Featured Speaker Indiana Conference of Postal Workers

Fees & Requirements The requirements are simple:
  • A Bottle of Water is Available
  • A Table/ Lectern for Notes
  • Fees Are Reasonable (Low Actually), and Determined by Distance, Type of Event, Time and Preparation Time **The money is not the point for Susan.
  • Expenses:
    • MidWestern Engagements: Mileage Allowance, Meals
    • Non-MidWestern: Airline Tickets, Hotel Accommodations, Meals.
    • Exceptions: Denver, CO and Seattle, WA engagements should provide Airline Tickets (Accommodations are Already Settled)
Unique Topics, unique speaker

"Susan is an amazingly creative individual, with many--often surprising--and diverse talents. Initially, we worked together to help create her company, Studio Productions, which was built upon her abilities as a business leader and innovative product developer. She is one of those people who can inspire others by showing how to look at even the most difficult task in a way that it becomes simple and easy. When she presents, she gives valuable information inside a fun, easy-to-access manner. Susan, believes, as I do, that the task of a coach and inspirational speaker is to inspire others to be their best. She shows them that the path to success is lined with humor, goodwill, and shines so much more than that other path--you know--the one that is lined with hardship, boulders, and obstacles. It isn't hard to choose the path of success when success equals fun!"
--Aliyah Marr, Creative Catalyst, Author of Parallel Mind

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