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Large Commercial Window Light Control

Commercial Window.

Bright Sun Could Ruin a Restaurant's Mood (and drive away customers)

Need to Cut or Diffuse the Light from a Window or Other Source?

Large theatrical scrim panels can solve this problem for professional videographers and large artist and photography studios and for commercial spaces. Large Chameleon ™ Panels can be hung to reduce light about 30%. Light reduction can increase with a double layer
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Acoustically Transparent Too!

That means you can hide speakers and other unsightly cords and support objects behind these screens during the videos.

When the sun is too strong...we put you back in control
Bright Light Bright Light Bright Light
Lovely views , but TOO BRIGHT...
Sunlight in a window. Bright Sunlight. Bright Sunlight.

For What Situations?

  • For Churches During Video Taping Too much sun can blow your light meter readings and place the minister in silhouette.
  • Commercial SettingsRestaurants, Museums and Stores. Light can be beautiful or irritating, even painful
  • Or Just Large Sun-Facing Windows

What Else?

Order Online Below or Call Now: 1-812-579-5063
 Order Just the Scrim Fabric
15'8" Wide Chameleon™ Scrim Fabric Priced Per Yard (unfinished, no seams)

Flame Retardant (adds $9/yd)

Number of Yards

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 Order a Fully Finished Scrim

Custom Size and Finishing Chameleon™ 

Height Feet
Height is measured from floor to ceiling.
Width Feet
Width is measured from left to right.

Two finishes are offered for online ordering. Other finishes are available by ordering over the phone.
Flame Retardant

We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Prices do not include shipping costs. All prices subject to final company review before honoring by order fulfillment.
Because the natural width of Chameleon ™ is 15' 8", if 15 feet is selected for height the actual height dimension will be 15'4". If 15 foot is selected for width the actual width will be 15'8".

It is possible to order larger scrims or more exact sizes than shown. For these and other questions, please Call Now : 1-812-579-5063