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How Do I Make a Simple Marching Band Prop Stand

This is a simple easy structure to build. The construction mentioned should work for props up to about 5 foot by 8 foot. With minor changes and reinforcement, you could get to about 8’ x 10 . In wind situations you may need to sandbag.

DIY Marching Band Stand Picture

You need:

  • Two 18” x 30” Dolly/ Furniture Movers (These are available pre-made at Harbor Freight or other hardware stores for about $25) You want 30” to make a wide base.
  • 1 – 2x4 board to the proper width that you measured plus 3 inches.
  • 3 PVC pipes, and 2 -90-degree fittings to match that pipe.
  • Glue for PVC.
  • 2 long but small diameter bolts and nuts. Suggest that you use 4” bolts like 10 gauge.
  • Several 4” Bolts & Nuts to hold board to Dollys.
  • You also need drill bits to match OD of pipe and a smaller size for bolts.

  1. Measure/estimate the height and width that you want the prop to be. (Height is floor to ‘ceiling’. Width is left to right)
  2. Screw or bolt the board to each of the cross boards of the dolly. Be sure that your bolts are not where the holes for the PVC pipe frame will be. Make sure that the board doesn’t overhang dolly. This is the now the base of the structure.
  3. Drill two holes into the base of the structure in the 2x4 board and through the dolly cross board. These two holes should be the size of the Outer Diameter (OD) of the pipe.
  4. DIY Marching Band Stand Picture
  5. Cut 2 Pvc to the height you measured plus 3” and cut one pvc to the width you measured minus 2”.
  6. Glue the pipe into the angle fittings, allow to dry.
  7. Drill hole and screw small bolts onto the bottom of the pipe 3” from bottom of pipe.
  8. Slide pipe structure into base using two people to hold pipe structure.
Note: Long bolts act as stops to prevent the pipe going through the Dollys to the ground. Sandbag if needed DIY Marching Band Stand Picture
DIY Marching Band Prop Stand

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